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* Introduction

H2S is a FREE-to-join project designed to show buyers which sellers are actively supporting their on-sites sales.

* For Buyers

Buy from an H2S seller to be sure of receiving prompt service. H2S sellers must actively check their listings regularly to make sure they're displaying the current H2S badge. Your H2S seller's badge should always show the current month and year, so that you know they're busy looking after their sales and their customers.

* For Sellers

Reassure your buyers that you haven't just "dumped and run" with your items, you're there, you're selling, and you're ready to help. For more information see how H2S came about.

* Badge & Code

The badges are prepared several months in advance so that they will always be ready for you when you need the new one. Currently the latest available is: current badge

New users, you will need to put this code in your auctions or on your about me page, using the correct month of installation, of course. The format for numbering is h2s then YYYYMM (year, month), such as 201210 for October 2012. Thus:

If you would like detailed, step-by-step instructions (with illustrations) you can get them here.

Returning users, please bulk edit your listings to replace each month's number with the next, for example:


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