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H2S is a FREE scheme whereby sellers can put a small graphical link (or "badge") on their items and/or about me page. The badge is re-made each month to show the current month and year (done a few days in advance to allow sellers to plan & pepare), and thus indicates that they have been actively supporting their listings very recently.

The badge links back to this site's front page so that buyers can see what the scheme is, and why they should be reassured bidding or buying from an H2S seller. The site is not ecommerce enabled, and thus fully complies with eBid's rules about linking. There are, however donation and advertising opportunities!

The site is privately produced and funded by Kim Andrews, as a way to help support eBid sellers, and anything you can do to help make it a success, and finance the running costs will be very much appreciated.

Advertise your shop here & help support the scheme.
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